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Why did the demand for penis cakes go through the roof in lockdown?

Sep 1

As sales the appetite for sextoys boomed during the lockdown so did other items which may be slightly more surprising. And, most surprisingly for us was the demand for rude cakes, penis cakes, specifically. Reshmi Bennett, founder of the bakery Anges de Sucre, London said:

“During the height of lockdown, last year we started getting bespoke enquiries for willy cakes. Whilst I have a no-bespoke-enquiries boundary set, I couldn’t refuse some of them because they made me split my sides just reading them. Not only do we get colour requests and measurements of length and girth sent in, we also get requests for “Extra wet”, “curved”, and my personal favourite..."Make it floppy". Make it floppy? You couldn’t make it up.”

Anges de Sucre don’t generally do bespoke cakes but, because some of the requests coming through we’re so intriguing, Bennett couldn’t resist.

“When I came in one Monday morning I made six of them at once, and had passers by doing double takes, either in hysterics, or thoroughly mortified. I don’t know which bit gets them the most - me smoothing the fondant skin over the sausage-shaped cake pop mix, shaping the icing foreskin, painting the pubes on the balls, or drizzling white chocolate ganache man juice over the top.”

One wonders why a period of self isolation has driven us to become so depraved? The requests for penis shaped cakes has now abated and it seems there is a direct correlation between how lockdown we are and and the sales of penis shaped cakes.

Bennett is glad not to be so busy baking the phallic delicacies in quite so large a quantity. This is truly one of the more bizarre shifts in consumer behaviour we have seen over the last 15-months.