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How To Sell RuneScape Gold Safely

Oct 20

When selling gold, there are two important factors most sellers think about which are how not to get banned and how not to be scammed. This article will cover both concepts. There are many different methods of selling RS Gold in Runescape but what's the safest way? Keeping your IP address from being flagged is extremely important as this prevents you from getting banned on one or all of your accounts! We'll tell you the best ways for avoiding having an account ban while still making some profit when you sell RuneScape gold online.

How Not To Get Banned Selling Runescape Gold?

While it’s always a good idea to try and trade in F2P worlds, you should know the two types of people who are doing this. The first is someone looking for an easy way out by trying to sell their account or its contents at a reduced price. This person may have been banned from RuneScape before due to only playing on free-to-play servers so they can play with fewer restrictions than most accounts would allow them.

Sell on a member world! - You’d be surprised how many people try to sell 500m or more in a free-to-play world. Really think about it, what item in F2P costs over 20 million RS GP? Nothing. Doing this trade is an obvious red flag and raises suspicion among Jagex moderators at all times.

Best Way To Sell RuneScape Gold

The risk of getting banned might be worth it if you're looking to shed off a little weight and pocket some extra cash. I've got just the guide for making your gold go further without any punishment from Jagex! With RuneScape membership, F2P sellers are usually safe since they have no bonds on their accounts that can get them in trouble with real-world trade.

One of the best ways to minimize risk when trading large sums is by staking them, rather than selling or spending them. If you happen to lose a duel before your stake comes back online for whatever reason then no one will ever know that it was actually yours and not just some random loser's gold. The downside? Duel arena takes 1% on top of what they put in as their own pot but this small fee can help keep moderators off your trail if done correctly.

Why Should I Care About Runescape Bans If I Am Quitting?

More times than not, people that leave end up coming back. You know what they say … you never quit Runescape, just take a break! More importantly, you can get banned during the time when selling gold mid-trade. This happens because of unsafe trading practices and Jagex will catch on to your trades before it's too late! Yep - this has happened more often than not so be careful where and how you trade with other players.