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Best Pottery Wheels for Sale in 2021

Dec 8

Buying Potters Wheel UK Guide 2021

Shimpo Aspire or Nidec. It is a great potters wheel for sale UK. And it's got these removable bats, which are, have different center points. It's not 10-inch centers. They're more like seven or so. I'm not sure exactly, but those come off, and then the splash pan, it kind of locks in there nicely. I like that too. It's super light. It's super portable. You can throw it in a bin with some clay, and then it's a self-contained unit on the go. So this is great for trade shows or for, you know, you're selling at a fair, or you're doing a workshop or, or you just want to take it on holiday with you. Like I often did and sometimes do. So this is a great wheel. Then, this comes in two models. I think the lower model is called a VL3, and then this one's a VL5. I need to double-check that.

Yeah, they're both 3.5 horsepower induction motor that puts out around 2500 rpm or so on a potter's wheel with no material on it at all. And you know, these are generally about $1600 each depending on where you go. But they have been known to have dropped as low as 1400 dollars from time to time too, so if you watch for sales and stuff like you can get them pretty cheap. They've kind of got a high resale value also because potters love them. So if you ever want to sell your pottery wheel later on, the Shimpo Aspire it has a hand crank, which is great. When you're learning the hand, crank often times is a little more deliberate when you're adjusting speed foot pedals.

What you need to know before purchasing an Electric Pottery Wheel

Sometimes you can slip, and it goes fast, and it starts getting wonky here. And it just takes some getting used to, but this foot pedal is awesome. This is a great high-quality foot pedal, every bit as good as, a more expensive wheel that you'd find, this last wheel is my go-to. And it has never looked this clean since the day I bought it. So this is the clay boss, And it is excellent. This is My workhorse. I would say, this is the wheel you want to get. That's faithful like the sun. So I have one of these. I've had this for two and a half years. My friend Lucas, who's been a Potter for 20 years, has two of these. They've never given me any problems. This has never given me any problems. And it's just a very reliable machine, but the problem is it's really heavy. So I have a bad back and I can't lift heavy stuff, and you don't want to be taken this to trade surgeon, trade shows or fairs or anything. You want this to sit up in one place and that's where it lives. And that's how I use it as it lives right there.

That's, it's home temporarily displaced for this video. Okay? That's my quick and dirty pros and cons list of these different wheels. If you want to go for power and productivity, and it's not moving, go with this one. If you are moving around a lot, or you just have a little of space, and you need to clean up, take down, it needs to disappear, go with the Shimpo Aspire. And if you're on a budget, go with one of these inexpensive wheels you can get on Amazon. They are worth it. They are great value. I wish they had been around when I get out of college because I would have got a pottery wheel. Then, when I was getting out of college, they were all like $1500 bucks and I couldn't do that. So I'm so glad that this is more accessible.

Now the barriers to entry are coming down, and more people are throwing pots. Speaking of which, if you want to get started with your home studio, check out my studio essentials course, where I'll help you set up your studio, give you the things you need to think about the factors in your unique situation. So you can get set up and throwing quickly. Also, if you want the complete 14 point PDFs of these wheels, all the criteria that I'm evaluating them on, you can get that free in the comments below. Hey, thanks for watching. Keep learning and I'll see you next time.